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Independent wedding celebrant, tailor made wedding ceremonies, wedding druid, Gloucestershire


Alex and Philip


"I'm sure it is a common complaint that in the days leading up to your wedding time suddenly compresses, and so many conversations you believed to be critical must be left by the wayside. In our hearts the day that was approaching was to be a deeply spiritual meeting, but amidst all the fairy lights and place names a time for stillness and reflection on that most important of objectives somehow disappeared. There were so many things I wanted to say to Hamish before that day, but none of it mattered, because he just knew. He knew how to put everyone at their ease, and how to tickle the trepidation out of those mistrusting of our unconventional ways. He knew how deeply we revered our gods, and the spirits of the sacred space we had chosen. He knew how much everyone needed to laugh, and conducted symphonies of belly chuckles all day long. More than anything, he knew us. As someone who has admired Hamish from afar for som time I was truly astonished and touched by the depth of his perception. He had seen our souls, and in doing so was able to call them forth so that they could be bound together. He sung the story of our lives for our family and friends and it was living magic to be able to relive it all again through his words. 


A dear Aunt, of the mistrusting variety, came to me the following morning. "Hamish" she whispered conspiratorially, "he was the catalist for all the magic that followed, wasn't he?" He most certainly was. We are truly blessed to have a druid such as he in our lives..."

Independent wedding celebrant, tailor made wedding ceremonies, wedding druid, Gloucestershire


Brigid and John


"Hamish united our friends and relatives in a warm, entertaining, moving, memoarable and unique ceremony that included everyone, engaged everyone and made us feel properly celebrated together with people we care about most. What more could you ask?

O yes, and we are still married - not bad going!"

Lucy and Ben 


"Hamish, Hamish Hamish, how on earth can we even start to begin to thank you for helping us create the most fantastic, magical day ever imaginable. I knew it would be amazing but you truly were the icing on the cake, amazingly amazing and much muchier than ever!!

Every single one of our guests has commented on how brilliantly you managed to control such an insanely busy day and you managed to make what was quite strange, seem quite the norm! Our ceremony was beyond what we had imagined and the guests and both Ben and I absolutely loved it... from the Take That song to Bohemian Rhapsody to the amazing poem you wrote for us; it was a ceremony to 'Never Forget' excuse the pun. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You truly are a treasure and spectacular person!"


independent wedding celebrant, tailor made wedding ceremonies, wedding druid, Gloucestershire

Savannah and Nic


"Hamish marries us in a pagan based ceremony in 2005 under a majestic oak tree by a lake in Devon. His magical and theatrical approach kept everyone enraptured and his soulful delivery of our service meant that the ceremony was the highlight of our celebration. We worked with him to create a service that was meaningful to us both encompassing many things that are dear to us including the elements, the circle of our friends and family and our children. He is trully one of a kind and continues to bring light and laughter and seasonal rhythm to our community. We love him."

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